Welltech is about creating mobile applications that improve the Health of Millions of People around the World.

We currently have 500+ people in our team 😊

The main distinguishing feature of our people is their desire to constantly grow, develop and learn new things.

Why do people like to work at Welltech?

• We work on creating and developing our own projects. There is no outsourcing

• The company values the initiative of its workers and their ability to work independently

• The ideas and suggestions of everyone are heard, and good ideas are quickly implemented and tested out

• Clearly stated goals and priorities help workers focus on important tasks and organize their work properly

• Weekly meetings with managers give employees the opportunity to get feedback about their work and understand how to achieve the best results

About our technologies:

Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, MVVM, Dependency Injection, UIKit, Autolayout, REST API, Alamofire, In-App Purchases, Local and Remote notifications, Core Data, Realm, Fastlane, Frameworks management (Cocoapods, SPM), Code generation (Sourcery), HealthKit, Tuist, async/await.

Kotlin, Kotlin coroutines, Flow, Android Jetpack (Arch components, Compose, Navigation, Room, Hilt), MVVM, Dependency Injection, REST API, Push Notifications, Crashlytics, Play Billing.We use Python3, JS, TypeScript, React JS, Redux, Redux Saga, Router, Sentry, SQL/NoSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, SAM, MongoDB, Redis, AWS services (Lambda/API Gateway/SQS/SES/CloudFormation/CloudWatch/Cognito), Docker, Kubernetes.The company has successfully implemented CI on all projects.

Welltech is a data-driven company.
The analytics department uses different tools.Data storage: Amazon redshift + SpectrumData processing — R, PythonBI — Data studio, TableauData sources — platform APIs, incoming data streams


Our Expertise

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Press about us

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